Champagne Oh la la everybody loves me i am the romantic one and can love you in many ways; and i will always celebrate with you. i have impeccable class and people always turn their heads when i show up




Local     Bottle
aura brut non vintage   $9.99
richland sparkling cuvee non vintage   $9.99
highgate cuvee brut non vintage   $12.99
calabria prosecco non vintage   $14.99
allegiance fortuity brut non vintage   $14.99
divici prosecco non vintage   $16.99
coppabella premier cuvee vintage   $16.99
round 2 blanc de blanc non vintage   $16.99
rococo blanc de blanc non vintage   $19.99
angullong chard/pinot non vintage   $19.99
aurelia chard/pinot non vintage   $19.99
rococ blanc de blanc non vintage   $19.99
croser non vintage   $23.99
chandon brut non vintage   $24.99
kellybrook pinot/chard brut vintage   $24.99
vinaceous 'burlesque' blanc de blanc non vintage   $24.99
punt road brut vintage   $29.99
clover hll pinot/chard non vintage   $29.99
pelorus non vintage   $34.99
pipers brook brut vintage   $34.99
daosa blanc de blanc vintage   $49.99
Imported Bottle
fourny blanc de blanc non vintage france $59.99
gosset brut excellence non vintage france $69.99
billecart-salmon brut reserve france $74.99
louis roederer non vintage france $79.99
pol roger non vintage france $84.99
bollinger non vintage france $89.99
gosset grand reserve non vintage france $89.99
lallier vintage brut 2008 vintage france $89.99
ruinart non vintage france $94.99
charles heidsieck brut reserve non vintage france $99.99
moet & chandon vintage france $99.99
gosset grand millesime vintage france $120.00
ruinart blanc de blanc non vintage france $130.00
veuve clicquot vintage vintage france $130.00
gosset celebris extra brut vintage france $220.00
veuve cliquot la grand dame vintage france $250.00
dom perignon vintage france $250.00
krug grande cuvee vintage france $300.00
taittinger comtes blanc de blanc vintage france $350.00
Sparkling Rose Local Bottle
yellowglen "pink" non vintage   $12.99
coppabella rose vintage   $14.99
chandon rose non vintage   $25.99
dominique portet brut rose LD non vintage   $29.99
chandon rose vintage   $32.99
Sparkling Rose Imported Bottle
moet & chandon rose non vintage france $89.99
paul bara rose non vintage france $89.99
veuve clicquot rose non vintage france $99.99
rene geoffroy rose non vintage france $99.99
veuve clicquot rose vintage france $120.00
billecart-salmon rose non vintage france $140.00
Sparkling Red Bottle
allegiance fortuity non vintage shiraz $14.99
coates consonance vintage shiraz $24.99
grampians estate vintage shiraz $34.99
best's great western vintage shiraz $36.99
joseph vintage blend $79.99
Magnums     Bottle
moet et chandon non vintage   $150.00
veuve cliquot non vintage   $190.00
gosset grand millesime vintage   $220.00

more magnums available on request

We try our wines virtually every day in order to be able to recommend the best, and this is a small selection of the champagne & sparkling wines we stock. Please call us and ask for our latest recommendations.

How we price our wine
All wines quoted in this price list are per bottle by the dozen, either mixed or straight. It is easy to make up a dozen, six whites, three reds and three sparkling and you're there.

Cellaring and Serving tips
When cellaring your favourites, lay them in a cool, dark place and avoid fluctuating temperature and bright lights, these beauties weren't meant for broadway! Share your wine with your best friend, but whatever you do, don't waste it on someone who has no taste.